Hi everyone! Today’s conversation phrase is, “Can you give me a moment?” Use this phrase when you want someone to wait for you to do something. To give a moment means to give someone a short amount of time (to do something). It’s a little more indirect than saying, “Can you wait?” Examples: Mary: John, can you help me with something? John: Sure, but can you give me a moment? I’m studying Japanese right now. 日本語訳 Mary:ジョン、手伝ってもらってもいい?...

Hello everyone! Tamara here. Toronto is a really nice place for experiencing many different things! There are many places and events for sightseeing and culture.

みなさんこんにちは☆ 急に寒くなってきましたが、みなさん風邪などひいていないですか? 体調を崩したりしないように気を付けてくださいね☆ さて、12月15日(日)に毎年恒例のクリスマスパーティーを開催することが 今年も決定しました♬ そして、同時に久しぶりのMovieイベントの開催も決定いたしました~!! 12月15日はEvent...

Hello everyone! Tamara here. I just got back from a two-week vacation in Toronto, Canada. I went to my mom’s wedding and did some sightseeing too. The direct flight from Tokyo to Toronto took around 12 hours! I felt like I flew halfway across the world. Toronto is a very interesting city because there are so many different kinds of people! Whenever I went around the city, I could see people from different countries and hear different languages.

Hello all! Now that fall is here, let’s learn a phrase related to the autumn season. When you hear about something from someone else, you can say that you got wind of it. Examples: Mary: Did you hear that Bill got fired? John: Yeah, I just got wind of it five minutes ago. In this example, John just heard that one of his colleagues was fired, so he says, “I just got with of it.” Mary: John, don’t tell anybody I’m looking for a new job. I don’t want our boss to get wind that I’m...

Hello! Today’s useful phrase is, "Because..." This is used to answer a "why" question. A "Why" question asks for a reason. A "Because" answer gives the reason. <<Example>> ① Why are you studying Japanese? Because I want to work in Japan. ② Why did you come to Japan? Because I love Japanese animation. ③ Why are you late? Because, the trains stopped this morning. 《日本語訳》 ① なぜ日本語の勉強をしているの? なぜなら日本で働きたいからだよ...

Hello everyone,Mae here. I hope you're all doing well. Have you ever been to any animal cafes? Japan has lots of interesting places and animal cafes are definitely worth visiting. I`ve been to an owl café in Kobe once and this time I want to share the fun time I had at a dog café in Osaka.

Hello! Today’s useful English expression is really easy. When you want to ask someone the time or date of something, you say, “When is ~?” or “When are ~?” Examples: Tammy: When are you going to Korea? John: I’m going August 30th. John: When is the movie tonight? Jen: It is at 8:00. John: Okay. Let’s meet at the theatre at 7:30. Mary: When is Halloween this year? John: It’s Thursday. ●日本語訳:『いつ~するの?』という意味です

Hello! Today’s useful phrase is Why are you...? This is used to ask for the reason for something. The important part of this phrase is ‘why.’ You can also ask, Why did you...? <<Example>> ①Why are you studying Japanese? ②Why are you late? ③Why did you come to Japan? ④Why did you go to sleep late last night? 《日本語訳》 ①なぜ日本語の勉強をしているの? ②なんで遅れたの? ③なぜ日本に来たの?...

Hello! Do you like things to happen quickly? If so, you can use the expression, “As soon as possible,” to tell someone to do something very quickly. You can also use it to tell someone you’ll do something very quickly. Examples: Girl: Do you want to have a drink with me this Sunday? Boy: I might be busy. I’ll let you know as soon as possible if I’m free. A husband calling his wife: Hello Alice. Please call me as soon as possible. Adam: John, please get here as soon as possible. John:...