Kobe City Meya Meya Event!


Hi everyone! It’s Tamara.


I’m a big fan of light ups and illuminations in the winter, so when I found out about the Meya Meya event in Meriken Park in Kobe City, I wanted to check it out.

It’s an ongoing event that makes use of lights and lasers coordinated with music.






It’s nice to walk through the trees with the changing lights, but I enjoyed the view most from the open area close to the water while facing the Kobe Maritime Museum.

Here you can enjoy the music, and watch the lights on the trees and the Museum.

You can also clearly see the laser lights on everything in that area.






The Meya Meya event runs from 6pm to 9pm at Meriken Park until the 26th of December, in the area in front of the Kobe Maritime Museum.

There is a light show with music every 30 minutes. Since it is an outdoor event, please make sure to keep warm if you do decide to go. Entrance is free!