Determiners and Numbers


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In the previous post, we talked about the order of adjectives.

In this post, we'll be talking more about the first two, determiners and numbers.




I. Determiner 決定的

Determiners are words that tell us which thing we are talking about.

It can tell us about the location or owner of the item we are talking about. We can also use them with people.




A. Location 位置

  • This (1つ) or These (1つ以上) この
  • That (1つ) or Those (1つ以上) その・あの

B. Possessive adjectives 所有形容詞

  • my 私の
  • our 私たちの
  • your あなたの・あなたたちの
  • their 彼らの
  • his 彼の
  • her 彼女の
  • its ものの

C. Other  ほか

  • the 話題で決まっている(位置ではなく)


II. Number 数

A. Undecided number 決まっていない数

  • a few 少ない
  • some いくつか
  • many 多い

B. Known number 決まっている数

  • a/an 1
  • 2, 50, etc 2や50など

III. Examples 例

  • My three children are all asleep. 私の3人の子供たちは寝ています。
  • That dress is cute! あのワンピースはかわいい!
  • Some fruits are sweet. いくつかの果物は甘いです。
  • The clouds look so fluffy! 雲がふわふわに見えます!

We'll talk more about the other categories over the next posts, so please check them too!