Possessive Nouns and Adjectives

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For today, we will be talking about how we can say that something is ours. We can say this using both nouns and adjectives.




I. Using Names and Nouns 人の名前と名詞を使うとき


We can explain who owns something by adding an apostrophe (') and an 's' to their name.

This can be used both before the thing (as an adjective) and at the end of a sentence (as a noun).




   《Examples: 例》

  • That is the boy's ball. あれはあの少年のボールです。
  • That pen is Anna's. あのペンはアナの物です。



II. Possessive Pronouns  所有代名詞


These nouns are usually used at the end of a sentence. We use these words instead of a person's name.


  • mine = 私のものです
  • ours = 私たちのものです
  • yours = あなたのものです・あなたたちのものです
  • hers = 彼女のものです
  • his = 彼のものです
  • theirs = 彼らのものです

《Examples 例》

  • This pen is hers. このペンは彼女のものです。
  • These bags are theirs. このかばんは彼らのものです。



III. Possessive Adjectives 所有形容詞


Because these are adjectives, they usually come right before the thing we are describing.

We use these words instead of a person's name:


  • my = 私の
  • our = 私たちの
  • their = 彼らの
  • your = あなたの・あなたたちの
  • his = 彼の
  • her = 彼女の
  • its = 「犬や猫など」の

  《Examples: 例》

  • These are his shoes. これは彼の靴です。
  • Those books on the shelf are their books. あの本棚に置いている本は彼らの本です。

Please try talking about your things using these words!