Abstract and Concrete Nouns

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In continuation with the previous grammar blog, we will be talking more about the different types of common nouns.

For today, we will be focusing on abstract and concrete nouns.





I. Abstract Nouns 抽象名詞


Abstract nouns are nouns that we cannot see or touch. Examples are sadness, excitement, and joy.

They are also non-count nouns.

「Abstract nouns」は、見たり触れたりできない名詞です。悲しみ、喜び、幸せなどは抽象名詞です。数えられない名詞です。


Example: I can see the excitement on his face.




II. Concrete nouns 具象名詞


Things that we can see or touch are concrete nouns.

Examples are pumpkins, bones, and maple trees.

They can be either count or non-count nouns.



Example: Pumpkins are used in a lot of recipes at this time of year.



For tips on how to use abstract and concrete nouns in a sentence, please check our previous blog on count and non-count nouns.

抽象名詞と具象名詞の文章での使い方については以前のブログ「count nounsとnon-count nouns」を確認してください。


There are many types of common nouns, so we will talk about the different types in the next few blogs. See you then!