Proper and Common Nouns

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For today, we will be talking about nouns.

There are many types of nouns, and knowing these types are important to know the correct grammar to use.

Since there are many types of nouns, we'll be talking about each type in detail.





《Proper Nouns 固有名詞》

The easiest way to think about proper nouns is that they are all names.

Kobe City, Mr. Suzuki, McDonald's... T

hese are all examples of proper nouns.

「Proper noun」は簡単に考えたら、名前です。

神戸市とか鈴木さんとかマクドナルドなどは「proper noun」と言います。


When writing them, they always have to start with a big letter, and you usually cannot use articles like 'a' or 'the' with them.



For Example:


The lady in the blue dress is Utada Hikaru.  



Japan is an archipelago.   



《Common Nouns 普通名詞》

Common nouns are all other nouns.

Dog, cereal, happiness...

These are examples of different types of common nouns.

「Proper noun」以外は、「common noun」です。

犬とかシリアルとか幸せとかは「common noun」と言います。


When writing them, they are written in small letters, and articles like 'a', 'an', and 'the' are often used with them.

Grammar changes depending on the type of noun.




There are many types of common nouns, so we will talk about the different types in the next few blogs.

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