To twist someone's arm

Hello everyone! I hope everyone's doing fine.



We have another new phrase for everyone today! "To twist someone's arm" means to convince or coerce someone to do something. This phrase is more often used when the person doesn't want to do something, but it is a light and funny way of saying so.

今日は新しいフレーズの紹介です!「To twist someone's arm」=無理やりさせる・無理強いをする、という意味です。このフレーズは何かをやりたくないときによく使われますが、軽くて面白い言い方です。


Note: You do not need to actually twist someone's arm!



Example 1: She twisted my arm to get me to go to the BTS concert with her.

例1: 彼女は一緒にBTS のライブに行かせました。


Example 2: I twisted my friend's arm to make her bake my favorite cake.



Please try using this in conversation without hurting anyone!