Can you tell me~?

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It's time for another basic conversation phrase. The phrase for today is "Can you tell me...?"

基本英会話のフレーズです! 今日のフレーズは「Can you tell me...?


We can use this phrase if we want to know some information about something. This is also a polite way of asking, so this is mostly used when asking someone you don't know or someone you are not close to.



We usually use them in these scenarios:



I. Asking for directions



Pattern: Can you tell me + how to get to + place

Can you tell me」+「どのように行くのか」+「行きたい場所」


For example: Can you tell me how to get to the train station?




II. Asking for general information



Pattern: Can you tell me + question words + additional information

Can you tell me」+疑問の言葉+知りたいことについて


For example: Can you tell me what time the last train leaves?



Let's try using it next time we travel!