Do you want me to...?

Hello everyone!



For this week, we have another basic conversation phrase.

[Do you want me to...?] is commonly used when offering to help or do something for someone.


「Do you want me to...?」と聞きます。


For example:

Your friend tells you about an interesting travel blog, and you show interest in learning more. Your friend might then say:



"Do you want me to send you the link to the blog?"



Another example:

If a student looks like they're having a tough time with their Math homework, a friend, teacher, or parent can say:



"Do you want me to help you with your Math homework?"



Note 1:

If you want to sound more polite, say "Would you like me to..?" instead of "Do you want me to...?"

This can be used with people you don't know, or customers.


もう少し丁寧な言い方は、「Do you want me to」の代わりに「Would you like me to」です。



Note 2:

Please use a verb right after "to" in "Do you want me to..."



Let's try using this phrase!