I need to…

Hello everyone!

Hope you guys are doing fine despite everything that’s going on.

Our Basic Conversation phrase for today is “I need to…”

You use this to say that you have something very important to do.


For example, let’s say you open your closet… only to see that there are no clothes.

All of your clothes are dirty and are in the hamper. You can say…


I need to wash my clothes.



Or, if someone in your house has been in the toilet for the past hour (What do people do in the toilet that takes an hour??) and you really need to use the toilet, you can say…


I really need to use the toilet! What are you doing in there? Sleeping?”



You can also use this to give advice to other people.

For example, you are a parent and you have a child that forgot their umbrella on a rainy day, and they arrive home soaking wet. You can say…


You need to get out of those wet clothes and take a warm bath.”



If you notice with these sample sentences, all the verbs after “I need to” are in their base form. In other words, they do not have an -ing, a -d/ed, or an -s/es.

Please remember this when using “I need to…” in a sentence.



What do you need to do right now?