Introducing Yourself

Hi everyone!


Introducing yourself is the best way to start letting people know more about you when they meet you.

There are two general ways you can introduce yourself: casually or formally.








A. Casual introductions are done with people who are with friends or family. This is the general pattern when you’re introducing yourself to a group of people:


(Greeting) + I am/My name is (name).

I (something about yourself). Nice to meet you!


Example: Hi! My name is Tamara. I’m from the Philippines. Nice to meet you!





But in a conversation, it might sound like this:


Tamara: Hi! My name is Tamara.

Yuka: Hi Tamara, nice to meet you! My name’s Yuka.

Tamara: Nice to meet you too, Yuka! Where are you from?

Yuka: I’m from Japan! How about you?

Tamara: I’m from the Philippines!


The (something about yourself) section depends on who you’re introducing yourself to.

If you’re all foreign students studying in Japan, for example, the country where you’re from or your major would be a good place to start.

If you’re introducing yourself to a friend of a childhood friend, you can say something like "Anna’s been my friend since we were three."



B. Formal introductions are usually done in a work or business setting and use slightly different words.

Again, the below general pattern is good for introducing yourself for a group of people.


(Greeting) + My name is (name) + I (something about your work or major). + It’s a pleasure to meet you.


*’I look forward to working with you’ is best when you will be working closely together.


Example: Good morning. My name is Tamara Garcia.

I’m from the Marketing team of XYZ (Company).

It’s a pleasure to meet you.


A conversation might go like this:


Tamara: Good morning, my name is Tamara Garcia.

I’m part of the Marketing team for XYZ (Company).

Rupert: Good morning Ms. Garcia, a pleasure to meet you. I’m Rupert Gage. I’m with the R&D department.

Tamara: A pleasure to meet you too, Mr. Gage. How long have you been working in the R&D department?

Rupert: I’ve been with them for about 3 years. Are you new?

I haven’t seen you around.

Tamara: Yes, I just started last week.



Note: Depending on the company culture, you can also go by first names.


Why don’t you try thinking about how you’ll introduce yourself in different situations?


Practice makes perfect!