At the Restaurant 1 (Fast Food)

There are many types of restaurants and it sometimes feels overwhelming if it's your first time to order food in a foreign country. In this topic, we will teach you some phrases that you need to say or some questions that waiters or servers commonly ask in fast food restaurants, regular sit-down restaurants, and fine dining restaurants.


The only thing you do when you go to a fast food restaurant is to go to the counter, order your food, then pay for it.


When you go to any fast food restaurant or coffee shop, you’ll hear the cashier for your order in many ways.

The following are different ways for the cashier to take your order.

They all mean the same thing.


“What can I get you?”   

“What would you like?”

“Can I take your order?”








“For here or to go?”




“Your total is…”

“That’ll be…”




In most fast food restaurants, it is even easier to order.

They have value meals and you just have to say a number.


The following are different ways to say what you want.

They all mean the same thing.


“I’ll have number 3.”

“Let me get a big mac with a large fry.”

“Give me a tall latte to go.”