Bundle up!

Hello everyone!

It’s winter again, and a lot of snow is falling in Japan.

When it’s very cold, we usually tell people ‘bundle up!’.

Bundle up’ means to tell someone to wear extra layers to keep themselves warm.

We usually use this phrase with people we know and we use this in casual conversation.


Example #1

Anne: I’m going to buy some fruit at the supermarket.

Mark: Okay. It’s snowing outside, so you better bundle up!

Anne: Oh you’re right! Let me get my scarf and gloves.


Example #2

Louis: It’s minus 2 degrees? It’s much colder than usual.

Mary: That’s true. The temperature usually doesn’t go below zero here.


Louis: Yeah, I better bundle up so I don’t catch a cold.



Bundle up とは《暖かく着込む》《くるまって体を暖かくする》という意味です。