Plum Blossoms, Early Blooming Cherry Blossoms, and a Quiet Kyoto

Hello everyone!

Tamara here.

I went to Kyoto last Sunday to meet up with my friend, and we walked around Kyoto to look at plum () blossoms.

We went to the gardens in the Kyoto Imperial Palace Grounds.

Because of the travel bans and the coronavirus, Kyoto had much less people than usual on a nice Sunday afternoon.

After walking around, we went to my favorite Japanese traditional sweets shop, Demachi Futaba.

Their sweets change depending on the season, so because it is spring now, they have dango. We then ate our sweets while relaxing at Kamogawa River.



Cherry Blossoms in Kansai usually start blooming from mid- to late March, but there are some early blooming trees that are in full bloom at the end of February.

We saw one tree near Kamogawa, and it was very beautiful and pink.

Because there were only a few people, it was nice to walk around.

At the same time though, we all need to be very careful in keeping ourselves healthy and clean so that we don’t get sick.

Stay healthy and take care, everyone!