Canada Trip Part I


Hello everyone!

Tamara here.

I just got back from a two-week vacation in Toronto, Canada.

I went to my mom’s wedding and did some sightseeing too.

The direct flight from Tokyo to Toronto took around 12 hours!

I felt like I flew halfway across the world.



Toronto is a very interesting city because there are so many different kinds of people!

Whenever I went around the city, I could see people from different countries and hear different languages.


There were also many restaurants serving different kinds of international cooking.

We had  Greek food, Filipino food, Chinese food, American food... 

It was a good experience eating food that I normally don’t eat in Japan.

Eating out can be expensive, though, so eating my mom’s cooking at home was also nice.





Toronto is quite a big city, and you can get around using trains, buses, and trams.

Their main station, Union station, has a nice design inside.

Using public transportation can sometimes take a long time, but it’s fun having the time

to look at the scenery!



One thing I saw in Toronto that is very different from Japan is that there are many squirrels!

It is easy to see them outside climbing trees and walking around on the grass. 


See you in Part II where I’ll talk more about sightseeing!