Trip to Yokohama and Kawaguchiko


Hello everyone! This is Tamara.

It’s autumn colors season!

Have you gone to see the pretty colors?


 My mom came to Japan recently and we both went to Yokohama and Kawaguchiko.


 In Yokohama, we went to the Ramen Museum and had tonkotsu ramen.

 We also visited the gardens near the ship Hikawa Maru.



It was our first time to go to Kawaguchiko, but because it was very cloudy and rainy, we didn’t see Mt. Fuji.

 We just admired the autumn colors instead and ate delicious Yamanashi pork shabu shabu. 



We also went to the Music Forest. It looked like we weren’t in Japan anymore.



We both had a lot of fun! I recommend Kawaguchiko for autumn colors and Mt. Fuji (if not cloudy).

 Enjoy your time this autumn and keep warm!