Rode by bicycle


Hi everyone,John here.


Where did you travel to this summer? 


Did you go anywhere exciting?


Me? Well, I stayed in Kobe but don’t feel sad for me because I love Kobe.

Kobe is near the ocean and the mountains so we have access to two different types of beautiful scenery.


My hometown in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania also has lots of mountains and country side but no ocean.

 During the summer as a child, my family would sometimes take a short trip to the beach but we had to drive about

4 hours to get there.

Now that I live in Kobe, I can get to the beach in about 15 minutes!


 I recently  rode by bicycle from my apartment near Kobe station to Okura Kaigan Park.

The weather was beautiful that day.  I enjoyed looking out at the ocean and at the Akashi bridge.

I rode my bike pretty quickly, so after arriving I took a short nap under a pavilion as I listened to the sounds of the ocean and the wind.


Although I didn’t take any special trips this summer, I’m planning to visit my family in America for Christmas and am planning another trip to visit my father’s side of the family in Australia sometime early next year.

Stay tuned for future updates!