Maria's Hanami

Hi Everyone!

As most of you know, I am living in a share house in Osaka. I am lucky enough to live with 24 other people from around the world!! (Korea, Taiwan, Japan, America, France, Sweden, India and Australia). We talk in either Japanese or English but we are always trying to learn new languages/words. In this post I am going to tell you why I love living in this Share house.


We live in a mansion and we have the top three levels.

One floor has a women’s only section made up of four bedrooms, one being a share room.

The top two floors have five private rooms and one share room. (Two people in one room.)


One the floor with the women’s only section, there is also another section called the Common Room. The common room is a shared room with a kitchen, bathroom, balcony and a projector screen. This room is where we host all our parties (every weekend), have dinner together, watch movies (almost every night) and any other social gathering we like to do.



On Sunday we decided to have an indoor picnic as the weather was bad. On the projector screen we put up a photo of a Sakura park to make us feel like we were in the park, we also had picnic mats on the floor. 

We are all lucky because we all get along so well. We have a group message on Line that we use that to talk about anything and invite everyone places. When people go overseas or have left over food from work a message to the group is sent and the food is left in The Common room for anyone to eat. 

We have been to many places together, especially places to eat. I find lots of cool places to go to on Instagram so I am constantly sharing photos in the group asking if anyone wants to go with me.


As Golden week is coming up, lots of people have planned to go overseas together.

What I love most about the Share house is the Share house Company I am with has many share houses all over Japan, Korea and Taiwan! So f we are planning to go travel somewhere and there is a room available in one of their share houses, we are allowed to do a free room exchange for up to a month! (This means more money for shopping! ;))


Thanks for reading!