Hi everyone!


It's freezing cold today! Please take care not to catch a cold...


Yesterday I went to Kyoto with a friend to see Hanatouro in Arashiyama. It had been a long time since I had gone to Arashiyama, and I had never seen Hanatouro before.


We got there at about 5pm, and the sun was setting behind the mountains. As we headed to the famous bamboo forest, it got darker and darker, and the lights started to come on. Along the road there were many Japanese flower arrangement, which were beautiful lit up.On the way we stopped at a restaurant to eat Yudofu. It was delicious! I had never eaten it before, but I'm glad I got to try it in Kyoto. 



After dinner we continued on to the bamboo forest. It was lit up in blues and greens, and the atmosphere was really spooky. I think this area is usually very busy in the day time, but luckily it was much quieter at night. We walked though the forest and around a pond. The trees and temple were reflected in the water, just like a mirror. On the way back, we saw lots of paper lanterns, decorated by school children, which were very cute!


If you've ever been to see Hanatouro, let me know in our next lesson! If not, I definitely recommend it!