In The End


Hello! How’s everyone?


Today’s expressions often confuses English learners.

So let’s find out the difference between “at the end” and “in the end.”


We use at the end ( followed by of ) when something ends or finishes. It can be a period of time, an event, or a place.


For example:

We’re going to Hawaii at the end of the month.

At the end of the race, some runners won a prize.


We say in the end to show the final result of a situation.  


For example:

I tried to learn skiing, but it was too difficult. I gave up in the end.


Smith couldn’t stop thinking about the car. In the end, he decided to buy it.



At the endin the endは、間違いやすいですね!

At the endとは、『~の終わり』で、In the endとは、『結局』という意味です。