Filipino Food!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying the chilly weather!


Last month, Maria blogged about Russian food so today I’m going to share a glimpse of Filipino food.


I went back to my hometown last summer and had my best time spent- on eating! I visited some of my favorite restaurants but one thing I really missed was my mom’s cooking. 


I always find it hard to describe our food in one word because it’s so diverse. Colonization (mainly Spanish) and strong foreign influences have made Philippine cuisine a multi- cultural combination. Our food can be defined by its mixture of sweet, sour, and salty taste which is often a little too much for foreigners. ^_^


Like the Japanese, Filipinos also love RICE! A meal is incomplete if it doesn’t include any.


This has always been a major culture shock to tourists: All fast food restaurants  in my country have rice meals- like fried chicken and rice set at KFC or McDonald’s.(KFC’s rice bowl was my comfort food but now it’s karaage and rice set here).   



If you have a chance to visit the Philippines, please give it a try!