Culture Shock

Hello everyone! Today I want to tell you about one of the things which surprised me in Japan. Culture shock time!


While travelling to small towns or in the countryside in Japan I often noticed stalls, usually with fruits or vegetables, with nobody around. At first, I thought that maybe the vendor went somewhere for a break (how irresponsible of him!) But then one day a friend of mine explained to me that they were “self-service vegetable stalls”, and if I wanted to buy something from them, I was supposed to just choose what I liked and put the money into a special box. Wow!


After that I started noticing how common this system is in Japan. From omikuji, fortune-telling paper strips, in almost every shrine or temple I have visited, to carp food near the canal in in Kurashiki, from daikon on mountain roads, to fruit in the most unpredictable places – I saw these self-service stalls everywhere.



There is nothing like this in Russia, so for me buying something from these self-service stalls is always fun!

Have you ever experienced culture shock while travelling or living in another country?