Learning English with Netflix Cont.

Welcome to the second part of my entry about learning English through Netflix. You can find the first part here, including information about Netflix, and four TV shows I recommend watching.


In this part I would like to introduce three more series to help you enjoy studying English! Let me know what you think!

Gossip Girl


This very popular series is all about the lives of a few rich teenagers living in New York. I have to say, I have only watched the first episode, because the show isn't really to my taste. However, it is definitely great for studying every day English conversation! And, as it is one of the most watched series online, I think most people would enjoy it. 

There isn't a lot of difficult language, but there is a lot of slang and colloquial words that young people use. So, I wouldn't recommend it for students who want to learn more formal English.

Orange is the New Black


An award winning show that gets more and more popular each season. It is about Piper, a usually law abiding person, who is convicted of a crime from 10 years ago. Suddenly she has to spend 1 and a half years in prison, and the show follows her time there.

It is interesting for female students, because most of the characters are women, so you have lots of chances to listen to women speak and interact. It also means there are a lot of topics about women's issues too. Some of the language and slang is best not to copy, but it is still a very entertaining show that makes you think.

Stranger Things


Stranger things is something completely different from the TV series I have recommended so far. It might not be to everyone's taste, but if you like science fiction, adventure, and old 80's movies, then you'll love it!

The main characters are children, so, although the story contains fantasy and science, most of the English is easy to understand. When one of the children goes missing and is found dead, his friends and his mother don't believe it. They try to find out the truth, and end up fight a pretty scary monster to find him.